Multichannel E-Governance Solutions

image The number of citizen's service request with local government has increased more than 50 percent within the past two to three years. And different age group in citizens prefer different channels to communicate with local government.

image We evaluate the current Government practices and develop a unique strategy to transition and expand government efficiency that traditionally have not maximized their Internet or multi-channel services to local citizens a very unique solution to reduce cost and increase efficiency and transparency in Government operations.

image Our Multi-channel delivery of e-government services product is the successful delivery of e-government services by means of a multichannel approach. Because success in service delivery depends on a vast range of parameters, the study shows that there is no single formula or solution that fits all situations. However, it stresses the fact that a multi-channel strategy can address two seemingly contradictory objectives currently faced by most public bodies: improving the services provided to the user community while reducing the costs of providing such services. Our product work with existing legacy back office systems to build 360 view of local citizen for front office service delivery.

image Synergic Links has developed an architecture for a successful multi-channel strategy (including a variety of channels such as counter service, telephone, Internet Portal, e-mail, SMS, interactive voice response systems or smart mobile phones) depends on an existing architecture in local government that allows channels to inter-operate instead of merely co-existing.

image The study stresses that a public administration's first step in defining a multi-channel strategy must consist in defining its objectives. Only when it has a clear vision of why it wants to implement new channels can it make informed choices in terms of which channels should be implemented and how services can be redesigned to reap the optimal benefits of the new channels. Before implementing a multi-channel strategy, an administration should therefore develop a business case that analysis objectives and options and quantifies all relevant parameters in terms of expected investments and results. Ultimately leading to cheaper services for the user/taxpayer.

image New electronic channels allow the public sector to deliver better quality services while reducing the costs. However, it is necessary to devise a strategy to select which services should be implemented via which channels for different kinds of users. We at Synergic Links :

  1. Assess the impact of a multi-channel approach to the delivery of user-centered e-Government services.
  2. Provide a framework for selecting channels based upon user and provider requirements and channels characteristics.
  3. Define guidelines to help public administrations to proceed with multi-channel delivery of services.

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Ultimate beneficiaries are citizens and enterprises through better access to e-Government services.