Cloud Service

image Synergic with its technical expertise in the cloud computing platforms can help reduce development time by making use of the myriad of cloud computing features. Synergic Links can work with an organization by analyzing its current computations processes versus its ideal best case scenario. Based on this analysis Synergic Links can help decide on functionality that need to be in the premise versus located elsewhere where costs are lower. Services are then built to connect applications for efficient and optimal functionality.

image In simple words Cloud Computing is an array of software services offered as-required and just-in-time when you need it. The advantage to a customer utilizing the cloud platform is the flexibility and the minimal involvement that is required in technology, therefore helping clients focus on their core business functionality.

image Advantages of Cloud Computing include:

  • Speedy Computing
  • Variable Storage
  • Virtual Network
  • Shared and Superior Business Intelligence
  • High-Bandwidth Content Delivery
  • Secure Messaging
  • Safe Marketplace
  • Pay-as-you-use